A Level French

It is our aim to help students to converse in French and to understand written and spoken French from a wide range of sources and media e.g. the internet, podcasts, newspapers and magazine articles, television and radio. We want to foster first hand contact with the people and culture of French speaking countries and thus organise visits to plays, films and lectures. It is imperative for those wishing to study a language to have some contact with the target language country, clearly an exchange or visit to France is of great benefit and highly recommended.

The course has been designed to give students a profound understanding of French. Not only will they develop their grammar and vocabulary but also their understanding of how people live and use language on a day-to-day basis. Key topics are Media, Popular Culture, Healthy Living/Lifestyle, Family/Relationships, Environment, the Multicultural Society and Contemporary Social Issues. Two chosen topics are also studied in-depth.

The course is assessed by examinations in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Course requirements

  • An openness to and interest in other countries
  • A desire to find out about the world around us and current affairs
  • The ability to work both in a group and independently
  • An interest in the structure of languages
  • The readiness to participate in class discussion in French, regardless of language limitations
  • Grade B in French

Where can it take me?

French A-Level is not just for those students thinking of studying French at university. In an increasingly global economy, being able to communicate in a foreign language is a highly valued skill. French is integral to or works well with a wide number of university courses and subsequent careers including international business, computing, medicine, travel and tourism, law, banking, accountancy, journalism, linguistics and education. In any career where there is a need to communicate, the skills developed will be of use. Furthermore A-Level French can lead to spending part of a non-language based degree at a university in France or a French speaking country.

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