A-Level Computer Science

“Learning to write programs stretches your mind, and helps you think better, creating a way of thinking about things that is helpful in all domains.” Bill Gates, Microsoft

The Russell Group of universities recommend Computer Science A-level for anyone interested in pursuing anything from Maths to Medicine as well as all of the Science & Engineering disciplines. The shortage of men and women qualified to analyse and solve computational problems paired with the ever-increasing reliance of every aspect of modern society on digital technology means that an A level in Computer Science opens up a plethora of opportunities for anyone willing to invest the e ort to master the art of programming and computational thinking.

Course description

A level Computer Science is assessed with a 2hr 30min written paper on Computer Systems (40%), a 2hr 30min written paper on Algorithms and Programming (20%) and a Programming Project non-exam assessment (20%). The course allows you to gain a detailed understanding of computer hardware, software design & development, data structures and algorithms as well as the legal
/ moral / cultural and ethical issues related to contemporary developments in technology.

You will be stretched to get master the art of computational thinking by writing programs that implement algorithms to solve practical problems

Where can it take me?

Computer Science facilitates further study or employment in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Bio-Engineering, Medicine, Robotics, Telecoms, Entertainment, Security and Finance. The demand for competent and con dent computer scientists is set to increase as all elds of research and employment increasingly rely on the processing of ever-growing volumes of data. There are employment opportunities locally, nationally and internationally for computer scientists directly after A levels but earning potential is usually greater for those who choose to further their studies with a degree in Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths or Computer Science.

Entry requirements

Computer Science is not just for boys or serious geeks. All are welcome providing you have:

  • An interest in using your initiative to solve problems with logic and creativity
  • An interest in designing, creating and testing your own software
  • Independence and self-discipline
  • Grade 5 or above in GCSE Maths

GCSE Computer Science would be bene cial but is not essential if students can demonstrate prior experience of programming and a strong interest in the subject.



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