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As a school community we realise that clear and effective communication with parents is essential. We currently use:

  • the school’s phone number - 01904 411341
  • Our weekly Newsletter
  • the school’s Twitter and Facebook accounts,
  • text messages

Over the past months we have been working with a test group of parents to develop a new school app. This will allow parents to access all our present communications from one central place. It will also replace the school’s Virtual Learning Environment to access your child’s attendance and academic reports. Once the software is installed on your phone text messages will be sent direct to the app, a more cost effective method for school budgets. If however, you choose not to download the app, please do not worry, you will continue to receive text messages in the usual manner.

Once the app is installed you will have direct access to the school phone number, email address, Wisepay account, the school calendar, daily notices, the weekly Newsletters, Facebook and Twitter accounts, along with information on your child’s academic data and up to date attendance data. You will also be able to message us directly from the app.

The app is very easy to use and can be downloaded from your app store.  Search for ‘MyEd’ and once installed search for ‘Archbishop Holgate’s School’ in the list of schools.

It will take one day for the system to verify the details you enter.  It is important to note that if you want to view your child’s attendance and academic data, you will also receive all communications home (these include all text messages). If you do not have access to your child’s attendance and academic data within two days of signing in, please email reception to inform us and we will make a minor adjustment to the system to give you full access.

The app is up and working now, however, if you would like support and advice we will be available at all future Parents’ Evenings or you can email or phone 01904 411341.

We are excited about the potential the new app offers and will be looking to continually develop it, so any feedback or suggestions on how it could be improved will be very much appreciated.

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