Careers Education

Wal and Alex

Archbishop Holgate’s is committed to developing the life chances of all students, and aims to encourage and inspire them through a comprehensive programme of CEIAG.  We are very proud of our C&K Gold Award, which recognises our outstanding practice in careers education.

Students participate in a range of activities which include learning about themselves: their personality, strengths and qualities.  They will begin to explore different career options in the modern world and gain an awareness of how they begin to research and plan various career paths.


All year groups will meet with employers and other outside agencies to gain independent and impartial advice about the options which are best suited to them as individuals.

As part of the Careers Advice, Guidance and Development, all students receive high quality impartial careers guidance, which help them to make informed choices about which courses suit their academic needs and aspirations.  Students have access to the internal L6 Careers Advisor and pathway meetings with senior leaders.

The careers curriculum is enriched through external support with employability embedded into the curriculum across all key stages.

Mrs F Adamson

L6 Careers Advisor

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