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Welcome from the Head Boy and Head Girl

Archbishop Holgate’s School is warm and genuine. It enables every student to be part of a rewarding environment that truly embodies our school Christian Values of Justice, Compassion, Forgiveness and Trust. Personal and academic achievement is celebrated within the school community, ensuring that every student is supported in reaching their potential. The consistent support and excellent teaching standards at Archbishop Holgate's are reflected in the outstanding results, and also in the confidence that students develop to believe in their abilities and the opportunities that are awaiting them after they finish their time here. Relationships are quickly and easily formed, with teachers providing unwavering professional guidance to students, be it academic, or pastoral. We believe this enables Archbishop Holgate's Sixth Form students to mature into caring and conscientious young adults who leave this community and contribute to, and enrich, new ones.

Josh Meg

We are immensely proud of our 57 Student Leaders in the Sixth Form, the biggest cohort in our school’s history. Student Leaders are invaluable to the smooth running of the school, facilitating external events and living out our school's Values in the wider community. There are designated teams of Student Leaders who are particularly passionate and inspired to initiate and support change within specific elements of school life. These teams lead a variety of areas such as Sports, Communications, Chaplaincy and Charity. As well as this, the Senate meet every week to discuss a range of issues to make direct change for the student body within Sixth Form and across main school. So far this year, we have discussed reforming Sixth Form social spaces, as this was a particular issue highlighted by students, as well as looking to extend Sixth Form’s charity contributions. Being a Student Leader is an excellent opportunity for students to take an active role in their school community and to promote how enriching leading change and the student body can be. Some of the many activities led by our Student Leaders are the Retro Gaming Club which is enjoyed particularly by KS3 students, the development of Access CU currently attended by a varied cross section of the school community, and running the St John’s Ambulance First Aid training. In particular, as Head Boy and Head Girl we enjoy working with a supportive and pro-active team that are as passionate about Archbishop Holgate's as we are. This is evident when working together during events such as the Minster Carol Service, Parents' Evenings, and conducting Literacy and Numeracy mentoring with our local primary schools.

A fantastic element of our school is the vast array of extra-curricular activities. These include: Orchestra, Drama Club, Choir, Sports, VEX Robotics Club, and the History Club, to name but a few. Moreover, the school offers extraordinary trip opportunities. As Head Boy and Head Girl, over the past five years that we have been students at AHS, we have been fortunate enough to attend trips to Vietnam, America, Taizé, Paris, Munich, Geneva and Andorra. The great range of trips across a broad subject and cultural range offer valuable and enriching experiences which truly enhance education.

We are both very proud of our school and the Christian Values that it embodies. The generous array of opportunities that are offered to every student work towards creating well rounded individuals who thrive in a caring and holistic school community.

(Megan is currently studying History, Politics, English Literature and Philosophy and Ethics and Josh is currently studying Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Further Maths with hopes to study Physics at University.)


Student Council Sub Groups - "Anti-prejudice and discrimination"

At the anti-prejudice and discrimination group we look at issues such as bullying and try to find solutions to combat this in school.  So far we have worked on tolerance to the LGBT community and are currently making the anti-bullying policy more readable.


Other student leaders

Year 7School Council representative

“My first year of AHS was a really fun and educational year. In Year 7 I really enjoyed meeting new people and my lessons are great. I have also joined many clubs after school and enjoy the large range of sporting activities every term.”

Year 8School Council representative

“There are many great school trips to go on such as an annual skiing trip. Every two years there is a large trip as well as a trip to Germany where you visit Phantasialand Island and many chances to shop. There is also an Art trip to Florence where you visit many great sites and find lots of interesting buildings to sketch.”

Year 9School Council representative

 “There are many charity events which happen here, non-uniform days and sponsored sporting events, raising money for a wide range of charities. I personally enjoyed the sponsored bounce – raising money for cystic fibrosis; the dance-a-thon and the valentine’s disco for breast cancer charities.”

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