“Pastoral care is exemplary…the outstanding pastoral care based on clear Christian values, supporting every child in school on their personal journey.” SIAMS

We believe that Archbishop Holgate’s School is a very special place to be. Our last Ofsted inspection confirmed this view by saying that pastoral care was outstanding and we know that this reputation for knowing and caring for each student as an individual is what attracts many families to our school. We have a dedicated pastoral team working each day to support all students, this includes Form Tutors, Heads of Year, Pastoral Support Workers, an Assistant Head responsible for Pastoral Care, an Assistant Head responsible for School Community, a dedicated Safeguarding Officer and a Deputy Head responsible Care, Support and Administration.

As an outstanding school we are fully committed to looking at additional innovative ways to care and support all our students. As part of this we are one of the few schools in the country to have a Pastoral Dog.  Ripley joined the school in September 2014 and works alongside one of our Heads of Year supporting vulnerable learners in many ways including individual reading and behaviour support as well as bringing a positive sense of well-being to the entire school community.      

Ripley 5              

“Teachers are very caring and you feel that they know your child well and that their welfare and learning are a priority.” Parent

We also pride ourselves on the strong relationships that all staff have with students, our behaviour system based on collective responsibility and mutual respect and underpinned by our believe in Forgiveness and a clean slate. Rewarding effort, manners and progress are essential and our rewards system includes letters home, merit certificates, end of term drawers, trips to Meadowhall and Flamingoland, as well as breakfast with the Headteacher for students in each year group.

We believe that tutor time is ‘the sixth lesson of the day’ and a great deal of time goes into developing a programme that enriches all students. Form tutors know all students as individuals whilst activities like ‘This Week’s News’, ‘Thought for the Day’, ‘Skills’, ‘Quizzes’ and regular acts of Collective Worship mean that our students both enjoy and develop during these 20 minutes each day.

“I enjoy producing resources for every young person in school to use during tutor time. It is important that our students gain an understanding of what is going on in the world around us”. (Headteacher)

Our tutor time is further enhanced by the school House System with all students belonging to either Foss, Esk, Derwent or Ouse and working together in a wide range of competitions throughout the year. Examples include Sports Day, Baking and Spelling Bee competitions.

“There is a strong sense of community.  We look out for each other.” (Student)

Care for the individual is also seen in the commitment of our students to volunteering. We have an incredibly strong team of Sixth Form Student Leaders who work with younger students in lessons each week and who lead the school’s thriving School Council which has regular meetings with each year group. We also have a dedicated team of Year 10 Student Leaders as well as Literacy and Numeracy Leaders, working both across our school and with our primary partners.

We are also proud of our Paired Reading programme and the care this offers to individuals in our school learning community. We are passionate about giving students the chance to work with their peers and develop positive, supportive relationships.  The outcomes our Post- 16 students achieve are amongst the strongest in the country and our Sixth Form students work in a variety of ways to enhance the experience of lower school students, provide individual care and encourage an ethos of aspiration.  Paired Reading has proven a particular success, with more able and interested Year 11, 12 and 13 students reading with a student from Year 7, 8 or 9 each week.  These students form extremely positive relationships with role models in upper school, their confidence and ability develops and their whole attitude towards reading for pleasure has become more positive.  The Paired Reading programme has added, on average, 0.9 months onto the reading age of students participating. 

“The very strong relationships throughout the school built on mutual respect underpinned by the explicit vision and Christian values.” SIAMS

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