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Our School
We are proud to be a successful school that serves our local community and with the support of the Local Authority, and as a result of growing primary school numbers and increased pressure on secondary places in the East of the City, we will incrementally increase student numbers from 1300 to a maximum of 1700 by 2020. 

Values, Care & Achievement

The Pathfinder Teaching School Alliance
In the years to come we will look to build on the excellent work we are doing as the lead school in the Pathfinder Teaching School Alliance, providing high quality CPD across the city and training the next generation of teachers and leaders. Full details can be found on the Teaching School website, accessible via the following link:


“Teaching schools are outstanding schools that work with others to provide high-quality training and development to new and experienced school staff. They are part of the government’s plan to give schools a central role in raising standards by developing a self-improving and sustainable school-led system”

The Pathfinder Teaching School Alliance was designated in April 2014. The alliance has and will retain a small strategic core allowing us to focus on the areas we consider priorities in our region. Our overarching ethos as a teaching school is to improve the educational provision for pupils and staff across the York, the East Riding and North Yorkshire. We are based at Archbishop Holgate’s School in York but our partnership stretches well into the east Riding and North Yorkshire. We do not have a formal membership structure and are actively seeking to widen our school partnerships and networks.

Mission Statement
To work collaboratively in partnership, as a community of schools, to ensure all children are known and cared for as individuals.
- To demonstrate a commitment to every child, to provide the very best education and to maximise achievement.
- To share best practice and to provide an environment in which educational theory and practice can be observed, studied and practiced.
- To recruit and inspire a new generation of colleagues and existing teachers by establishing the very best professional development to support fellow professionals in raising standards and aspirations.
- To work collaboratively with other schools, the Church of England and educational institutions to establish an educational dialogue, to identify and implement change to continually improve practice at all  schools.
- To develop through partnership and shared values a vision for education.

Our Teaching School Alliances support schools in six key areas:
- Initial Teacher Training – lead role in recruiting and training new teachers
- Continuing Professional Development – peer-to-peer professional & leadership development
- Succession Planning & Talent Management – identifying & developing leadership potential
- School to School Support – providing & coordinating support for other schools
- Specialist Leaders of Education – SLE designate & broker specialist leaders
- Research & Development – engaging & leading educational research

Our partnership of schools work collaboratively together to deliver a shared vision for education.
Our Strategic Partners are:
- Hempland Primary School
- St Mary’s Church of England Primary School
- Osbaldwick Primary School
- Wilberfoss Church of England Primary School
- Warter Church of England Primary School
- Fulford Secondary School

- The Diocese of York
- York Local Authority
- York University
- Sheffield Hallam University
- York St John University

A refined and extensive programme of CPD opportunities
 Up to July 2017
- 173 Courses Offered
- 2029 Total Delegates
- 152 Different Schools
- 147 Different Trainers
- 6739.5 Total CPD Person Hours

Evaluation Scores (1 Strongly Agree and 5 Strongly Disagree)
- Facilitator displays high level of knowledge    1.1
- CPD well planned and organised                   1.1
- Recommend CPD to a colleague                   1.2
- Will help improve student outcomes              1.4
- Facilitator was responsive to needs               1.2
Pathfinder has been successful in organising both a regional Headteacher Conference and a national Mental Health Conference.

High Quality Schools Direct Provision
- During 2016/17 we have trained 79 ITT students (64 Secondary and 15 Primary) through our partnerships with York University, York St John and Sheffield Hallam.
- We have currently recruited 51 trainees for September 2017

The Pathfinder Multi Academy Trust
We are delighted to be one of the founder members of the Pathfinder Multi Academy Trust formed in August 2016. An overview of the new Trust is included below but full details can be found on the MAT website, accessible via the following link:


About Us
The Pathfinder Multi Academy Trust is a well-led and well organised Trust with a strong reputation throughout the local community.  Formed in August 2016 by Archbishop Holgate's Secondary School and Badger Hill, Hempland and Heworth Primary Schools the MAT is an inclusive partnership of like-minded Church and Community Schools, underpinned by a shared vision, common values and a commitment to providing outstanding education to all the young people we serve.

The MAT is committed to securing high standards of care, learning and achievement and critically has the leadership experience and capacity (both within the MAT and associated Teaching School) to ensure that over time all schools are good or better.  Leadership at all levels is relentless in the pursuit of excellence and their commitment to raise standards across all schools.

All children should be able to go to a ‘good or better’ school and as such the MAT is committed to working with schools that need support to improve rapidly.  In its capacity as a Sponsor, the MAT has already demonstrated strong and substantial leadership capacity in bringing about effective school improvement. This led to St Lawrence’s Primary School being the fifth school to join the Trust in January 2017.

This exciting opportunity has allowed us to work more closely than ever as a collaborative partnership of schools to further raise aspirations, progress, and achievement - in its widest sense - for pupils at our schools. Indeed we are delighted that during the course of this Tang Hall and Clifton with Rawcliffe Primary Schools have also joined the Trust with New Earswick Primary School joining in a Sponsored capacity in September.

As such the MAT will be comprised of 8 schools in September 2017, the result of clear strategic planning designed to ensure the necessary leadership capacity to fulfil the responsibility of the MAT as an effective sponsor.  There is also a clear strategic plan in place to grow to 15 schools with demand to join the Trust well in excess of this, the result of the excellent reputation that has developed.

Vision Statement
An inclusive partnership of like-minded Church and Community schools underpinned by a shared vision, common values and a commitment to providing an outstanding and holistic education to all the young people we serve

- Working collaboratively as a family of schools to celebrate and nurture both the similarities and distinctiveness of each school’s individual ethos and values
- Ensuring that all young people and their families are known, valued and cared for as individuals
- Celebrating the uniqueness of all pupils, and through outstanding pastoral care, academic challenge and inspirational teaching supporting each child to flourish, succeed and make a positive contribution to the communities they serve
- Developing outstanding leadership at all levels that delivers maximum achievement whilst supporting and developing the vision and values that underpin all we do
- Generating positive and challenging learning environments which allow staff to grow and flourish through excellent professional development
- Providing and nurturing the ethos in which children learn by example and grow spiritually, morally and socially to understand the uniqueness and diversity of communities, faiths and cultures – locally, nationally and internationally
- Partnering with other schools, educational institutions and the Church of England to ensure we provide an outstanding education from pre-school to post 16








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