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Archbishop Holgate’s School - SEND OFFER 2018/19

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This SEND report is information for parents / carers of students who have Special Education Needs or Disabilities (SEND). It outlines the support and provision you can expect to receive if you choose Archbishop Holgate’s School for your child.

Who do I contact to discuss SEND at Archbishop Holgate’s School?

The Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENDCo) is Miss Lucy Nicol. She is able to discuss the provision available for students with SEND at the school.

She can be contacted on 01904 411341 or

How does Archbishop Holgate’s School organise support for students with SEND?

Miss McDermott (Deputy Head), Mrs McMurdo (Assistant Head) and Miss Nicol (SENDCo) work closely together to identify students with SEND and co-ordinate all provision and support for these students within the school.

What support is available?

Support needs and provision will be decided upon in consultation with the SENDCo, Parents/Carers and students. All support will be tailored to meet the needs of students based on the school’s mission statement of values, care and achievement; Christian values, care for the individual and maximum achievement for each student.

Who provides support for the students?

‘High quality teaching that is differentiated and personalised will meet the needs of the majority of children and young people.’ (SEND  Code of Practice 2014: 1.24)

Some students may require additional support and this will be provided by experienced SEND specialists such as SENDCo, School Assistants, Pastoral Support Workers, Pastoral Care – Safeguarding and Attendance Officer, Heads of Year (HoY) or through external agencies of the Local Authority.

How will I be informed about my child’s progress?

All student’s progress is monitored, tracked and reported back to parents regularly throughout the year. This will take the form of interim reports, full reports, progress reviews with form tutors and parent’s evenings. You will also receive regular progress reports through the marking of your child’s work. Any concerns will be reported through the form tutor, class teacher via the school planner.

In addition to this some students with SEND will have an Individual Support Plan (ISP) or a School Support Plan (SSP) with personalised targets. These targets will be set and reviewed with either the SENDCo or  HoY in discussion with the student and/or parents and carers.

Students with a Statement or EHCP will have an annual review meeting which you will be invited to attend and contribute to.

How will you gather information about my child’s SEND from their primary or other secondary school?

The SENDCo will contact all primary schools in Year 6 and will gather information on all students on the SEND register who will be attending Archbishop Holgate’s School. If your child has a Statement or EHCP and has named Archbishop Holgate’s as their school of choice the SENDCo will attend the Year 6 review(s).

The SENDCo will also be available on Yr 6 New Parents Evening to answer any questions you may have. In addition she is available to meet with parents at a mutually convenient time to discuss individual students and discuss provision. 

Any parent / carer of SEND students joining us Post 16 is welcome to contact the SENDCo to discuss provision in the 6th Form. Those students joining the Work Skills Course will be able to meet with Mrs Dobson (Head of Workskills) to discuss provision and will also have Mrs Dobson and / or Miss Nicol attend their Year 11 review meeting.

How will information about my child be shared with staff in school?

A register is compiled of all those pupils who have SEND and distributed to all staff at the start of the academic year. This is updated regularly and all staff notified electronically of any changes. The SEND register also links to strategies to help a student and any ‘My Support Plans’ or EHCP/Statements. All markbooks have SEND information so that teaching staff are full aware that a student has some additional need or disability.

In addition some students have an individual pen portrait which is distributed to staff. This is devised in consultation with parents / carers and approved prior to being shared with staff.

How do you monitor my child’s needs and progress in school?

Whole school markbook tracking shows a clear picture of student’s progress towards a given target. Class teacher’s have overall responsibility for the progress of a student within their class. Any student not making appropriate progress will be identified and targeted for intervention by the teacher and if necessary input by the Learning Support Department. The SENDCo also monitors SEND students interim and full report data throughout the academic year.

What do we offer students with SEND?

We are experienced in providing support for students with SEND and will use our best endeavours to ensure we meet the needs of all the students attending Archbishop Holgate’s School. 

All students

  • SENDCo  involvement
  • Access to  the Inclusion Centre
  • Lunch and After School Clubs
  • Homework Club
  • Work Experience     

Some students

  • Individual or Behaviour Support Plans
  • Careers Advice
  • Travel Training
  • LA Specialist Input
  • Paired Reading
  • Spellzone
  • School Assistant Support
  • Pastoral Care – Safeguarding and attendance officer
  • Pastoral Support Workers Input
  • Support on School Trips
  • Support on Enrichment Days
  • Small Group Nurture Group Teaching
  • Workskills Curriculum
  • Examination Arrangements
  • Laptops

How will my child get support for their emotional and/or social needs?

At Archbishop Holgate’s we endeavour to support all students in their emotional and social development. Our school values and support systems in place mean that we providing a caring and nurturing environment for all students. The Inclusion Centre is available from 7.45am – 3.10pm each day for those students who need to access it for support.

Parent Feedback

"From our first visit to school, the staff at Archbishop's put my son's needs first. The transition from primary school is a worrying time for all children and parents and more so for pupils with additional needs. The learning support team couldn't have been more supportive to my son or to me. My son is now in year 12. The staff at school have helped him learn, grow, socialise and most importantly develop his independence. Support for my son is constantly monitored to ensure it responds to his needs and staff are always available to address his concerns. Homework and lessons are differentiated in response to his abilities, at the same time as challenging him to do his best. A huge thanks to all at Archbishop Holgates for the support my son receives."

What should I do if I have any questions about what is offered with regards to my child?

If you need advice or have concerns you should initially contact the SENDCo, Miss Nicol, who will try to resolve any difficulties. If you require further assistance you should request an appointment to discuss the problem with the Deputy Headteacher, Miss McDermott. If you feel the matter is still unresolved you should seek a meeting with the Headteacher, Mr Daly. Further to this, a complaint should be made to the Chair of Governors.


York SENDIASS offers impartial advice, information and support for parents and carers of children with Special Educational Needs and/or disabilities. They are able to help with any concerns that may still arise after any intervention or effort made by the school. In addition an appeal can be made to the Special Educational Needs tribunal, which is an independent body that hears parents’ appeals against LA decisions on statutory assessments, statements and EHCP’s.

Where can I find information about what the local authority has to offer?

York’s’ local offer website enables parents and young people to see what SEND services are available in their area and how to access them. The link below will allow you to access the website directly.

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