Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium was introduced in 2011 to break down barriers to achievement for students from lower income families and those from less stable backgrounds. It is hoped that this funding will level the playing field in education and close the gap between the achievement of the richest and poorest.

At Archbishop Holgate’s School we believe that every student should have every opportunity to succeed and to maximise their potential, regardless of circumstances outside of school. Our ethos of “Care, Values and Achievement” underpin all our systems and structures that are designed to support all our students. Pupil Premium students are supported within the whole school structures but have access to extra resources available to ensure their inclusion into the everyday life of the school and to maximise their academic success. We believe that each student is an individual and that by targeting support we can ensure that any gaps that exist can be closed.

We aim to remove any barriers to learning for our students and ensure every student has the opportunity to maximise their potential. This can take the form of academic intervention; financial support for uniform and equipment; mentoring and bespoke curriculum plans. Further information is outlined in our Pupil Premium Plan.

The school develops positive working relationships with students and parents, in order to ensure that the student is supported and resources are targeted to maximise their academic achievement.

  • To view our Pupil Premium plan and evaluation please CLICK HERE.
  • CLICK HERE to read our assessment of Pupil Premium spending last year.
  • If you think you are entitled to Free School Meals and wish to claim, CLICK HERE for further details.
  • CLICK HERE to read about our Pupil Premium trip to Whitby.
  • CLICK HERE for how we spend out Year 7 Catch up funding

If you wish to discuss Pupil Premium please contact Mandy Mennell our Pupil Premium officer, by email Mandy Mennell at mmennell@archbishopholgates.org or phone 01904 411341 07957621824.

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