L3 BTEC in Travel and Tourism

The travel and tourism sector continues to grow at a rapid pace, with the amount of travel undertaken by individuals for both leisure and business purposes continuing to increase. An expansion in the short-break market has led to a growth of regional airports in the UK and across Europe and a rise in the number of new hospitality enterprises including health spas and boutique hotels. This rapid expansion has led to huge demand for a more flexibly skilled workforce.

“Travel is more than the seeing of sights, it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living” Miriam Beard

Entry requirements

Automatic entry onto Level 3 courses includes students achieving 5 x A*-C or equivalent at GCSE alongside a grade 5 or above in both English and Mathematics. Students with either English and/or Mathematics at grade 4 or below will have individual meetings to determine the most suitable pathway within sixth form.

Course description

Specific skills gaps identified in the emerging Sector Qualification Strategy (SQS) for
Travel and Tourism include customer service skills, destination geography, knowledge of working with children, and business
skills. The BTEC Level 3 qualifications in Travel and Tourism seek to address these areas. The course has been structured to encourage the acquisition and development of these competencies prior to, or while in, employment in the travel and tourism sector.

Travel and Tourism graduates gain knowledge about products, structures and operations
within the tourism industry, learning about tour operators, airlines, hotels and tourist boards. Through a combination of vocational and academic study you learn about the relationships between consumers and the providers of

tourism services, and about the issues relating
to sustainability and social responsibility within tourism. You will study a range of topics including:

  • Investigating the Travel and Tourism Sector
  • The Business of Travel and Tourism

  • The UK as a Destination

  • Customer Service in Travel and Tourism Long-haul Destinations
  • European Destinations


Learners will enjoy visits to various tourist attractions within cities such as York, Leeds and London.  Learners will also be enriched by a number of guest speakers including representatives from the British Border Agency, Travel Agencies such as Thomson’s, Airlines/Airports and the local Tourist Information Office.  In addition there will also be the opportunity to represent the school in varying Travel and Tourism competitions that take place throughout the academic year

Ways to help my child succeed

  • Coursework can be challenging and stressful.  In order to assist your child talk to them, proof read their work for them and encourage them to present their work to the highest standards

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