Key Stage 3 PE

Pupils will have the opportunity to build on and embed the physical development and skills learned at KS 2, they will become more competent, confident and expert in their techniques, and apply them across different sports and physical activities.

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body.  It is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity - John F Kennedy

Course Description

All pupils participate in 2 hours of physical education per week. We aim to nurture and improve pupils health and wellbeing through a broad and balanced curriculum. This includes:

  • Outwitting an opponent – activities such as games, football, netball, hockey & rugby
  • Accurate replication – activities such as gymnastics and swimming
  • Exploring and communicating ideas, concepts and emotions – activities such as exercise to music and dance
  • Performing at a maximum level – activities using competition and personal bests such as athletics
  • Identifying and problem solving – activities such as orienteering and personal survival
  • Exercising safely and effectively – including circuit training and other health related exercise units.

The following activities will be covered throughout the key stage:

Boys will experience swimming, badminton, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, rugby, football, health related fitness, cricket, tennis, athletics, orienteering and world sports.

Girls will experience gymnastics, swimming, netball, hockey, rugby, football, badminton, volleyball, dance, health related fitness, tennis, athletics, rounders, orienteering and world games.


Assessment is ongoing throughout all units of work. At the end of each unit pupils are given a standardised level. Although assessment is largely practically based consideration is also given to pupil’s leadership and officiating skills.

Ways to help my child succeed

There is a full range of extra-curricular activities on offer every day of the week running before school, during lunch times and after school. We also run a very extensive fixture programme against other schools in the local area. We have recently been awarded the ‘Silver mark’ from Sainsbury’s School Games in recognition for our commitment to intra and extra-curricular activities. Attendance at such activities would undoubtedly help pupils to succeed further by providing additional opportunities to develop skill and practice key techniques taught in lessons.

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