Key Stage 3 Food

In Food our aim is to give students an understanding of the role and value of food in society. We hope to develop a broad knowledge and understanding of healthy eating patterns and develop the practical skills that are needed to prepare and cook delicious and nutritious food.

“nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity”- Voltaire

Course description

Students develop a wide range of practical skills through focused practical tasks and design and make activities.

In Year 7 our aim is to give students’ confidence to work with a selection of tools used to make a variety of food products. Hand and electrical tools will be used.  At the same time they will be shown how to use key methods in food preparation to make simple tasty dishes.

The emphasis will be on basic cookery skills. They will learn to use the hob/grill/oven safely and to handle knives and other equipment in a safe manner. The course also covers hygiene and safety within the kitchen.

In Year 8 students build upon foundation skills from Year 7 and consolidate learning.  Our aim is to give students opportunities to increase their confidence to work with a wider range of food materials and equipment to make a variety of food products.  At the same time we will be introducing different methods and techniques to develop food preparation skills.

Food is an essential part of our lives so linked closely with this we will introduce students to the importance of food as part of a balanced diet and develop an understanding of how to choose food to maintain good health.  The students will learn about nutrition, look at the 'Eatwell Guide’ and understand what is meant by a healthy diet. A variety of written activities will support this work.

Ways to help my child succeed

Parents are asked to provide ingredients weighed out for each practical lesson. Recipes are sent home a week in advance. They will need suitable containers/ boxes all of which need to be labelled with the child’s name.  Help with ingredients or an alternative recipe/ ingredients can be arranged by contacting the department.


Pupils will be assessed throughout the course based on the national curriculum for Design Technology. Skills assessed include; cooking and nutrition, designing, making and evaluating;

This may be a practical based assessment, written or homework or a combination of all three. Pupils will be given advanced notice of these assessments.

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