Key Stage 3 Art and Design

In Art and Design we aim to foster creativity, an understanding of visual language and independent learning skills, and above all enjoyment through the opportunities we offer. 

‘Art is not what you see but what you make others see’ - Edward Degas

Course description

In Key Stage 3, students develop their visual and tactile skills through a range of drawing and painting activities, collage and printmaking, and three dimensional work in a variety of media.  They explore and develop an understanding of different cultures, and study a range of traditional and contemporary art movements, which are used to stimulate their own ideas.

In Year 7 students investigate the theme of ‘Letters and Numbers’ in art and produce ideas based on Egyptian hieroglyphs, Art Nouveau, and Pop Art. Term two focusses on observational drawing skills investigating the different drawing approaches used by artists and working in a variety of media. Students’ drawings are then used to generate ideas for printmaking and repeat pattern design so that students are able to relate their learning to design practice in the creative industry. In term three students investigate the artwork of different societies, focussing upon the culture and traditions depicted in Aboriginal Art. Ideas for a 3D sculpture are developed.

In Year 8 students focus on extending observational drawing and painting skills linked to contemporary artists, and develop 3D skills including mask making based upon Native American Indian Culture.


  • Assessment is ongoing throughout each project with key pieces of work assessed and a final overall grade for the project awarded.

Ways to help my child succeed

  • Students are given homework once per fortnight to encourage them to work independently on the development of ideas or upon the consolidation of skills learnt in class. Parents can support by ensuring that the student has space to work and has basic art equipment such as pencils, coloured pencils and glue.

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