Trips and Visits

Archbishop’s prides itself on the wide range of trips and visits both locally and internationally that play a vital part in enriching the curriculum and giving our students valuable life experiences that will linger long in the memory. This begins in Year 7 where the whole year group go on a residential to Lakeside to foster a sense of community and begin to develop those essential skills for life. Regular International trips in recent years have included Paris, Germany, Florence and the annual ski trip as well as those once in a lifetime visits to Kenya, Vietnam, South America, South Africa and America.

We believe that educational visits can enrich learning. Our trips and visits are planned on an annual basis to provide opportunities for our students beyond the formal curriculum. This includes working with charities, team building activities, World Challenge and numerous other opportunities. Each year parents receive a "Key dates" document which includes all pre-planned events for the year including trips, this can also be accessed in the letters home section of this website.

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