Our allotment

The allotment on the school site has been running now for over three years.  We have grown sweetcorn, potatoes, strawberries, blueberries, courgettes, carrots, cabbages, beetroot, radishes, sweet peas, beans, sunflowers, rhubarb, lettuce and tomatoes.  Work has been done by two key groups; The year 12 volunteers and the KS3 allotment club work to plant, maintain the site and do the odd spot of weeding.  When crops are ready they are enjoyed by the volunteers or taken to the staff room for people to buy. Look out for the mural as it develops on the wall, plus development of the pond area in the future.

The allotment is a place where pupils can find out more about where our food comes from as some have a limited knowledge.  It is also a place to inspire people into green fingered activities where pupils can have a go and find out what happens, perhaps inspiring a hobby of the future.  The allotment is also a place where pupils can find a quiet and peaceful area if needed and take part in soothing activities.  These ideas are reflected in the school values:

  • JUSTICE – the allotment will provide pupils with a growing awareness and concern for the world in which they live.  It will give an opportunity to understand how the food cycle works if they have not been exposed to it before.  It will develop a sense of awe and hope for the future.
  • COMPASSION – pupils will be able to share with the school community what has grown there.
  • FORGIVENESS – the allotment will enable a quiet and peaceful area where pupils can engage in activities that are soothing, enabling a ‘freedom from anger’ and a ‘sense of peace’.
  • TRUST – enable pupils to learn in a safe environment, to work together, enrich our school community and make use of their (as yet perhaps unaware of) gifts and talents.

Anyone is welcome to come along at lunch time to see more of what we do and eat some of our crop!

 Allotment 1

flowers harvest oct 2017

harvest oct 17

planting spring 18

pumpkins 2016


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