Pupil Premium trip to Whitby

On Friday 19th May, we took 40 Year 11 pupils to Whitby on a revision weekend. This was a weekend designed to help those who needed a final push in their English and Maths exams. We made it very clear from the start that this was not a holiday; this was work, work and more work! Despite having an intense day at school, the pupils quickly got to work and spent the evening working with staff to revise. Unbelievably, we kept working until 9:00pm! This was followed by a walk down to the beach before heading back for some much needed free time at the Youth Hostel. Saturday was epic. Pupils were hard at work before 9:00am and, with a series of short breaks, worked tirelessly until 6:00pm on the Saturday evening. Every member of staff commented on how impressed they were by the commitment and resilience of Year 11. Here was a group of young people who were taking control of their revision and were doing their very best to succeed. This was an excellent opportunity to work in small groups and independently, revising key information before the exams on Monday. After all the hard work, we went into Whitby for a much needed reward of Fish and Chips! It was a privilege to see how hard our pupils in Year 11 can work and it is an opportunity we are keen to develop in the future.

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