A Level Economics

This course is designed to capture and inspire interest in students in making links to modern life and the world around us. It is topical in nature and allows for a greater understanding of an individual’s role in society and how real life issues and problems can be solved. Students will be encouraged to think as economists so they are able to achieve a greater understanding of what they see in the news and the world around them. They will also be expected to foster an appreciation of economic concepts and develop a critical consideration of their value and limitations in explaining real world phenomena.

The course is split into two main areas:

Microeconomics – how markets function to allocate scarce resources through demand and supply and what happens when markets fail. Government policies to solve imperfections in the market system will also be assessed. For example, should the UK government intervene in housing where a significant proportion of individuals, especially the younger generation, have been priced out of the market? If so, what should they do to ensure the market is working more effectively and what would be the side effects of policies such as rental caps and limitations on house ownership on the market?

Microeconomics – investigates both UK and overseas economies and how governments attempt to effectively ‘macro’ manage. Recent topics such as the global financial crisis and the possible withdrawal of the UK from the EU would be investigated as would the ongoing issues surrounding Euro membership. Other topics covered include the effects of globalisation and trade on economies, particularly in the developing world.

Where can it take me?

Students go on to study Economics and related disciplines such Accounting, Management and Marketing at university. It can lead to careers in economics, business, marketing, finance and accounting, human resources and public relations

Entry requirements

  • A genuine interest in Economics
  • An enquiring, critical and thoughtful outlook
  • Grade 6 in Maths
  • An ability to work independently and with others 
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