Archbishop Holgate's School is a welcoming school, that welcomes students from across the city, from East Yorkshire and further.  We have students who come from over 20 different primary schools.  We are very lucky to have excellent transport links, which cater for the needs of all our students.  Examples include:


If your child walks, please can you ensure, they use the pelican crossings (if appropriate) and are dressed appropriately for the weather.


We are blessed with cycle lanes just outside of the school and we have bike parks, where students must use a secure lock.  Again we do stress the importance of students being responsible and following the highway code.  All students should wear cycle helmets and florescent clothing.


We have excellent service from a wide range of bus routes.  The latest timetables are below:

No 10: Poppleton - Stamford Bridge: Via Boroughbridge Road - York City Centre - Dunnington  (First York)

No 8: City Centre - Grimston Bar (First York)

No 627: Stonebow (City Centre) - Heworth - Burnholme - University (Arriva)

No 637: Stonebow (City Centre) - Heworth - Burnholme - University (Arriva)

No 747: Pocklingoton - Archbishop Holgate's School - City Centre (East Yorkshire)

Please note the No10, No 8, No 627, No 637 and No 747,  are run by First York and Arriva and are public bus services.


1 A Bishop Wilton (The Fleece) 0745 1605
1 B Yapham, Main Street (Bus stop before Village Hall) 0752 1558
1 C Bolton, Main Street (Phone Box) 0757 1553
1 D Fangfoss (Outside School) 0800  1550
1 E Full Sutton (Main Street) 0805 1545
1 F Skirpenbeck (Main Street) 0810 1540



  AM  PM
2 A East Cottingwith (Bus stop in centre of village) 0730 1625
2 B Melbourne (Opposite Village Store) 0740 1615
2 C Allerthorpe 0747  1607
2 D Pocklington (Bus Station) 0755   1600
2 E Barmby Moor (next to Childrens’ Park) 0757 1558
2 F Wilberfoss (Opposite Village Shop) 0804 1551
2 G Newton upon Derwent (Half Moon) 0810 1545
2 H Sutton on Derwent (Tennis Courts) 0816 1539
2 1 Elvington (Opposite Grey Horse) 0820   1535


No 748:

  Pick up Drop Off
White Thorn Farm, Low Catton 07:50 16:03
Gold Cup Inn, Low Catton 07:55 15:58
Telephone Box, High Catton 08:00 15:53
Stamford Bridge, Roman Ave 08:05 15:48
Old Station, Stamford Bridge 08:09 15:44
Battle Flats, Stamford Bridge 08:11 15:42
The Square, Stamford Bridge 08:15 15:38
Scoreby Lane Ends 08:18 15:35
Archbishop Holgates School 08:35 15:20

We do recommend that all students apply for a YoZone Card which allows students to travel on buses within the York area at a reduced fare and entitles them to from retailers throughout the York area.  CLICK HERE for more information and to find out how to apply.

Useful contacts

First York: Tel:  01904 883000;
Arriva Tel:  0871 2002233
York Pullman Tel: 01904 622992
East Yorkshire Tel: 01482 592929


We do ask if parents do decide to drive their child to school that for health and safety reasons they DO NOT drive on to the school site, before or after school when it is very busy.  We would also ask that you drop a suitable distance from the school and not on the double yellow lines.

If you would like to discuss travel arrangements further please contact

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