“School is a fun and exciting place.”

As a school community we pride ourselves on the fact that our students are happy and enjoy the experience of learning with us in all kinds of ways.  As an outstanding school we realise that achievement comes in many different forms and we are committed to ensuring that your child has every opportunity to flourish, grow in confidence and make the most of their individual gifts and talents.  Our rewards system is based on promoting a positive ethos through a culture of praise.  We aim to motivate and encourage students by, developing their self-confidence and self-esteem.  We recognise students’ effort and achievement and their contribution and commitment to the school.   We work hard to ensure our Rewards system is equitable, inclusive, fair and consistently applied.


Rewards come in many different formats, from verbal, non-verbal and written praise, to certificates and "star of the week".  We also run a "Merits Challenge", where students can earn merits from their work in lessons, their conduct around school, their attendance and their contribution to the school community and our school values.  Each half term we celebrate success either through year group assemblies or whole school assemblies, where our student leaders decide on the awards.  The "Merits Challenge" also leads to certificates to recognise their efforts.

Christmas Assembly

We run regular "rewards trips" to promote a commitment to the school community and to recognise the hard work of our students.  These include the annual Christmas shopping trip to Meadow hall and our trip to Flamingoland.

We also hold an annual "Celebration evening", where we have an outside speaker and we recognise with parents the achievements of our students.

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