Protecting your child

At Archbishop Holgate's School we like you wish to make sure our students are safe at all times.  Prevention and education are the best methods of keeping students safe.  Across our curriculum we teach our students how to stay safe.  below are a range of either pages or links on a topics that will help you understand how to keep your child safe, spot danger signs or where you can find help.

To find out more about how we Safeguard our students CLICK HERE.

Bullying including cyberbullying

 Radicialization (Prevent Duty)

Child sexual exploitation

Children missing in education

Children missing from home or care

Missing children and adults

Private fostering

Domestic Violence

Mental health

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)


Sexting (New)

Peer on Peer abuse

Drug taking and alcohol

Fabricated or induced illness

Faith Abuse


Diversity and equality and Racial Tolerance

  • Stonewall - a website to champion Diversity, equality and racial tolerance

Forced Marriage

Gangs and youth violence

Gender based violence

Relationship abuse


Young Careers

Useful links for York are:

To find out more about our Safeguarding procedures please CLICK HERE.


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