School Association

The Archbishop Holgate’s School Association (AHSA) are a group of staff and parents whose aim is to raise funds to put back into the school, supporting the events and activities that make a difference to our students.

This year we bought the light batons which were used in the fantastic school production of Return to the Forbidden Planet and have made a significant donation towards the Spiritual Garden Project.  In recent years we have supported a range of departments including funding video cameras, digital cameras and cases, music keyboards, equipment for textiles, freezers, display stands, sound speakers and mixers, Duke of Edinburgh replacement kit, PE team kits, radio microphones, calculators, scanners, competition entrance fees and donations to help support the work of the students who travel to South Africa.

In addition to fundraising we also act as a support at school events.  This maybe by providing tea and coffee at Open Evenings, to running a bar and refreshments at the School Show, School Play and Summer Concert or being an additional supporting adult on school trips.

Our biggest commitment is to maintain the school minibus.  We are very fortunate to have one and it is used regularly.  In addition to frequent PE department trips to sporting events it is also used for a variety of outings by our Work Related Learning students, Business Studies visits, Student Open Days and Work Placements as well as transporting students to competitions for different subjects and extracurricular clubs.  The AHSA help to support this vital asset by running the 200 Club; the profit from which goes straight back into covering the costs of running and maintaining the minibus.  Being able to provide this support means that there is no transportation costs for these events, a huge benefit to all involved.

However, the minibus will not last forever and during the next school year we would like to start raising funds for refurbishing our current bus and building a fund to support its replacement.  In addition to this we would also like to raise funds to support new projects.

Our Committee meets approximately six times a year to feedback updates on the school’s strategic direction, develop fundraising ideas and decide on fund allocations, as well as creating a point of contact between parents, businesses and the school.  As a Pathfinder School we would like to develop our connections with businesses in the local area who may be willing to offer visits, guest speakers or businesses that could act as case studies for Circular Economy projects.

The school association also runs the "200 Club".  The fund is overseen by the School Association (AHSA).  Members pay £12 a year, in September, and all contributions received are divided into 12 monthly amounts.  Every month, a selection of winners share 50% of the month’s takings so the more members we have the larger the prize!!

 If you wish to go join the 200 Club please contact reception for further details.  Thank you for your support – and good luck in the draw!

 Miss F Hopkinson and Mrs K Robinson, AHSA

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