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by the Headteacher.
We are committed to ensuring that qualities at the heart of the school’s success - Christian values, care for the individual and high achievement - are key features of the post-16 provision at our Sixth Form. We are equally committed to the highest quality guidance and support as our students move towards independence.
A great emphasis is placed on a professional and business like working environment, with every student known as an individual and cared for as an individual. A Sixth Form centre in which our students can feel secure, supported and can give their very best.

Our aim is to create a positive, warm atmosphere, in which every student can work hard, receive recognition for their achievements and aim for excellence, and in which students and our experienced staff can work together with mutual respect, courtesy and consideration for each other.

If you would like to find out more, I will be pleased to make an appointment to see you. We value a close working relationship between students, parents and the Sixth Form, welcoming students from a wide geographical area and from other schools.
Mr A.Daly


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