Preparing for exams

At Archbishop Holgate's we recognise that exams are a stressful but very important time.  We believe by following some simple rules anyone can be successful in their exams

"Failing to plan is planning to fail"  Allen Lakein

In simple terms students need to:

  • Plan their time
  • Create a suitable place to work
  • Plan WHAT to learn
  • Plan HOW they will learn

"Work, Rest, Play" Mars Bar

Planning time

  • When creating a revision timetable the key is to be honest and realistic.  Build in time to "Work, Rest and Play"
  • Start early.  Revision is reinforcing old knowledge, not learning anything new.
  • Throughout your time at Archbishop's get into best practise.  Do homework at set times, met all deadlines.
  • Plan from your exams and work backwards, build in birthdays etc.  Be realistic.

Somewhere to work

  • Create a place to work that helps you to learn.
  • No-one can do their best work with phones/facebook/TV/music
  • Everyone needs a flat surface.  Beds just do not work!
  • Good lighting.  You need to be able to see!
  • Start early - all homework needs to be completed in these conditions.  Get into best routines.

Plan what you will learn

  • There is no point revising what you already know really well and can apply.  Work out what you need to know, and what you don't know.  This is what you must concentrate on.
  • Test yourself to establish how well you know something.  Traffic light it:
    • Green - I know it and can apply it
    • Amber - I mostly know it but struggles to explain it
    • Red - No-idea!

Plan how you will learn

Everyone learns in different ways, some of the following everyone MUST do but some suit only some people and subjects.  Try different methods but remember you need to learn a topic but then you really want to be able to explain and teach it.

  • Make Notes
  • Mindmap
  • Past Papers
  • working with others

We are very proud of the academic achievement and believe this is in no small part to teaching students how to learn and work independently.



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