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This webpage is for the BBC School Report 2017. The BBC School Report gives 11-16 year-old students in the UK the chance to make their own news reports for a real audience, about things they want to report on.

As a school community, we believe it's important for young people to get involved in this project, because it gives them a chance to report on issues that matter to them, as well as raise awareness about youth based issues and inform others about what’s motivating, frustrating, or upsetting young people today.

Last year, at AHS, our group of BBC School reporters voted on four subjects that they wanted to report on and these included:

  • Mental Health
  • LGBT+ community
  • The danger of Stereotyping
  • Media Distortions around Body Image

You can check out all of the articles and videos produced by the Class of 2015-2016 further below. We hope you enjoy them!

This year, however, we've given the Class of 2016-2017 free reign and simply asked them to select stories they want to report on, because they find them fascinating, amusing, inspirational, beneficial - whatever! The idea is that they write about what motivates them to write and you can find the first few articles Miss Wilde's team have produced, which will be compiled into our student newspaper this month, here...


BBC LGBT+ Articles - posted 29th Feb

As it's LGBT History Month, Yvie and Maria felt compelled to write about equal rights for members of the LGBT community, by highlighting the recent change in law in Italy and the work of the charity Stonewall, which campaigns for the equality of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people across Britain.

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BBC One Slide Summaries - posted 12th Feb

Each week, Mr Daly rounds up the week's top news stories in his powerpoint: 'This Week's News' and shares it with students and staff. Our BBC school reporters have been tasked with supporting him, by writing one of the slides themselves using inspiration from the BBC News webpages.

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